I’m a PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) now! I’m pleased to inform you all that I have passed this toughest exam with the ‘Above Target’ rating, in the second attempt on 16th July, 2018.

Yes, I failed at the first attempt, a couple of months ago. That was all happened because I underestimated this PMI ACP exam. Though I had spent a reasonable number of hours in preparation for the exam, I went into it with a wrong mindset and failed at that time. I had an impression that this exam was not that hard, at least not when compared to the other exams that I appeared. It got instilled a sense of complacency and overconfidence in me. I thought that having an IT background, and having managed a lot of software development projects for the past 11 years, I should be able to sail through this. So, obviously I was failed in that PMI ACP exam, for the first attempt. But that was not the end of the story. I drew a fishbone diagram to display the root cause analysis of why I failed the exam. Using that technique, identified the factors that caused or affected me to fail. And started the journey again.

And today, the big day happened and cracked the PMI ACP! Passing any exam is a matter of satisfaction and relief, but more so when you have invested big dollars and time into it. 🙂

Thanks to the 400+ pages book, PMI – ACP Exam prep by Mike Griffiths, without which I couldn’t accomplish this success…

2 thoughts on “PMI ACP”

  1. Congrats….

    Can you write a blog post about how this new knowledge helping in your daily managerial tasks?

    1. Will try to come up with a blog post… But in order to apply the agile knowledge the projects to be managed in agile manner..
      Btw, the core concepts like empowering the team by setting up a system to manage by themselves, providing the safe environment the team to the team to learn from their mistakes, having the leadership qualities to solve the impediments that come in the way to the team….I’m already doing since i took the charge.. 🙂

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